Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wake Up Call

I was reading about wake up calls in hotels when traveling.  Prayer is a wake up call.  Wake up to the present moment of reality, not the past or the future, neither of which exist outside of my mind and imagination.  I wake up from sleep.  My mind can go into all kinds of places, none of which have to do with what is important or real.  So I try for mediation sooner rather than later in my waking hour.  God and me only relate in the now.  Everything else is story, my story, going on in the imagination, thinking away.  I cannot relate to anyone in my imagination.  I can judge them, imagine them, whine to them or try to get them on board for my personal plans for happiness that day.  This is low level to no level relationship.  Meditation, I ignore my mind and be.  Breathe.  Be still.  Wait.  Sometimes, I have a cup of coffee beside me.  Well, no one is perfect.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, coffee, maybe that's what I need to stop the squirrel brain in meditation. I'll try it!