Thursday, August 4, 2016


Time began with creation.  Before creation, there was no time, right?  Well, if there was this "no time" does it still exist?  Did it just go away with creation?  I suspect maybe not.  An inkling of this can be seen in the way people talk about "what happens after we die."  Christians talk about purgatory, where my sister Maureen was until recently, when no one seems to know what happened to her.  Does purgatory have a "recent" or a time as a clock and calendar.  No.  I never hear of afterlife talked about  by those who believe in it, as having a calendar and clock.  So maybe this "no time" is how we exist after we die, no calendars, clocks, schedules with future appointments.  If so, Maureen is living in "no time."  But if "no time" was not cancelled out by creation, then time and no time exist together, intermingled.  God is in both maybe.  I think so.  Mystical prayer is living in the "no time" now and again in our prayer time, or just awareness of something that is timeless.  Could be my big sister is close to me yet.  And at large.  Yikes!  

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  1. It is only in the "now" that time and space intersect. So all time is, is a series of nows.