Saturday, August 6, 2016

God's Failure

If Jesus is God, and he is hanging on a cross, what is the meaning of that?  To me, it means that God loves me in my pain and suffering, especially when it is pain I don't think I did anything to deserve.  Most of the time when any of us are in pain, physical, psychological, or emotional, we think that God has abandoned us or else does not care, or does not even exist.  We feel like victims of cruelty we cannot control.  The cross says God is with us and loving us in our pain.  But God fails.  Why? Because we do not believe God is there or here with our pain, loving us.  God loves but we don't know it.  OK. You are Jewish.  God's covenant people are wandering in the desert, or sent off to exile, their land desolate, destroyed.  God is loving them but they do not know it.  We humans think that pain and suffering means there is no God or no God who is loving us at that time.  Divorce? Job loss? Economic insecurity? Addiction miseries? Rejection? Death of child?  So God fails to reveal love in all these circumstances.  But God does not stop loving.  It seems to me that God would rather love and fail than not love at all.  How about you?  Will you love and fail?  You could just isolate, resent, put up walls to protect yourself.  But even there you will not be alone.  God will love you even if invisible to you.

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