Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Foreboding

I had a vision in a dream one night.  It was my sister Maureen, and she looked happy.  She looked very happy in the dream.  So I asked her, "Maureen, why do you look so happy?  I thought that you were in purgatory."  "I am  not in purgatory anymore," she said.  "I am happy because I know where you are headed when you leave this earth."  "How do you know this?" I asked.  "Because I am very close to God now, and God told me where you are headed with this earthly life you live."  "Well," I asked, with some trepidation, "What did God tell you?"  "You are not coming here, directly, and maybe never!"  "What!" I exclaimed.  "I am a good boy."  "You are delusional.  You think you are good.  I know better," Maureen countered.  "I am going to purgatory?" I asked fearfully.  "Doubtful on that," she said.  "God has used up his bag of mercy in your case.  Only a big bag of comeuppance awaits you, baby brother."  "You are happy that I will suffer torment?" I asked.  "Shush  Don't tell God!" Maureen exclaimed.  "I am happy I am in heaven.  My guardian angel pointed out to God that a mistake had been made in sending me to purgatory.  So it is all good now."  "Can my guardian angel get me out of the torments?" I asked pitifully.  "No, yours has gone into retirement.  You overworked your angel," she said.  Just then I woke up.  Only a dream.  Maureen is still in purgatory.  But is my time running out?

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