Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monastery Freshness

How do I keep the monastery experience of each summer fresh day by day now that I am back in "the world." I go out in the early morning and look up at the stars just as I do in the monastery.  I try to find quiet time with no phone, TV, or people talking.  Then I read a little of the same spiritual type things I would read in the monastery.  Then I try to sit quietly in meditation that might lead to stillness and interior quiet.  I try to repeat some of this later in the day.  Finally, I go to bed early most evenings, around 8:30 PM or thereabouts.  When you have a really good retreat or vacation you might ask yourself what made it so special?  Then see what you can near duplicate of that special time, given that you are back in your routines.  If you went with a special friend, try to stay in touch.  If you found some new recipes, cook and eat the food.  There are certain things you do on a retreat that can be repeated.  I try never to get too busy, and frazzled.  It is the quickest way to destroy all the benefits of the time away.

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