Sunday, October 30, 2016


Why do I need rest, both physical and in prayer?  Someone pointed out to me that we need rest so that we can be ready to be of service, to be helpful, to be welcoming to the next person who God puts into my path.  Without rest, both sleep and meditation, I tend to not be so welcoming to others who come "unannounced." I am too busy.  They are bothersome.  I have plans and they are not part of my plans.  A better day begins with the night before when I go to bed early enough to get good sleep.  This is followed by some morning meditation.  If this is a regular habit, I can better deal with surprises that interrupt my routines.  I suppose if you have a partner, or children, you would need to negotiate some space for yourself.  Your partner, your significant other, your spouse, who used to be the love of your life, your best friend, is now an inconvenient interruption.  This is the signal that you might be a mess in need of rest.  I am single.  I chose the easier, softer way.

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