Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween!  It is the one day a year when we put on obvious masks to hide our true identity.  All the other days of the year, the mask is not so obvious, but it is on nonetheless.  Why wear these masks.  I think that it might be because we think we lack power, control, security and esteem.  That is, if you really knew me, you would not like me.  I would lose leverage in my world.  I like my faith and my religion.  Someone does know who I am and still loves me.  This is God as I understand God.  I am always amazed when I reveal something embarrassing about myself, something that I see as really bad, and a friend accepts me.  Their attitude toward me, their love does not change.  They may even tell me something about themselves, maybe even the exact behavior as I just revealed.  I accept them.  We have compassion for the human condition because we suffer it.  Anyway, today you can be an obvious fake and get some treats.  Go to high end neighborhoods.  They might give you Godiver chocolate.

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