Saturday, October 29, 2016

Restored To Sanity

I lack sanity.  Here is the episode.  I walked into the dining room of our San Francisco rectory.  I open the refrigerator.  The light is off.  My first thought is that the electricity is OK.  I need do nothing.  This is because I don't want to be bothered.  I look around.  The toaster does not work.  The Keurig coffee maker does not work.  Now I move into disaster mode.  All the food will go bad.  I will get sick.  I try to reboot electricity.  I fail.  Now I am worthless.  I am stupid.  Next, why doesn't someone who lives here all the time come and fix this so that I don't get sick?  Someone comes.  He is unaware of the problem.  Why is he unaware.  He should be more omniscient.  I storm out to go to meet people who will pray together.  At the prayer meting, the light goes on.  I confess to the group that I am whinny, an idiot, immature, insane, fearful and resentful.  No one disagrees.  I think I need new friends.  God heal me.

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