Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Self Check Out

I meditate in the morning.  I am ready to have a day of tranquility, trust, peace, acceptance, patience and confidence that God is with me.  Then comes the "self check out" at the store. Fear.  No trust.  God has abandoned me.  I am stupid.  The one line with a cashier is full.  Go there and I have to camp out for the afternoon.  So I go up to the check out machine.  I do what anyone in a recovery program does.  I admit I cannot do it on my own.  I need help with directions. I see a sponsor employee with his employee jacket on.  He comes to my aide.  First off, I should ignore the computer screen.  Good, because I cannot figure out what to do.  He shows me how to register each item using bar codes.  He does the first item and I do the rest.  Then he points to the computer screen and asks me to make choice: no bags or some bags.  I choose no bag.  He points to the next screen and tells me that I can now pay money.  The total is on the screen though I cannot seem to see it until he points it out.  Fear of failure and incompetency, and a publicly crushed ego blind me to the obvious.  He shows me where to pay my money and where the change will come out.  I would never have found those slots either.  I pay and get my change.  Success.  I walk out a new man.  I have a new skill.  I feel good.  Try it...but make sure there is help nearby.  This is a good idea for life in general.

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