Saturday, October 15, 2016

God The Verb

I know people who are pursuing a spiritual path, but don't believe in God.  The God that is most often referred to in this context is what I call "God In The Box."  It is  a separate person, other than myself, who lives somewhere, heaven, and looks at creation.  Many good people do not believe in this image of God, which seems to be one given to us as adolescents.  It is a simplistic child's God.  You talk to it and ask for stuff.  When things go well, you might say thank you.  When things go badly, faith takes a hit, and so on.  I ask the non-believer if they are loving, compassionate, forgiving, merciful, and kind.  The good ones are that.  I tell them, that is God in you.  God is a verb.  But they say, being loving comes natural to them.  I say it is not natural.  It is super-natural, because a lot of people are not loving at all, many of who say they do believe in this separate God.  God is not a noun.  God is a verb.  When  you live love, you live God.  Not believing in an adolescent's God does not make you an atheist.  You might be an adult on a spiritual path of love.

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