Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Cave

Going deeper into the cave will not generally get you out of the darkness.  Yet, that is what many of us do in our behaviors.  People have a few drinks, feel good or better, and decide to have more.  People run and feel good, and so they decide to run some more.  Things often do not get better with more.  They get worse.  A lot of the "more" behavior is an effort to feel better.  It is all about going deeper into the cave, but such behavior thinks it is going toward the light.  Even in our prayer life, we think more is better.  The mystics speak of dark nights, which might be OK for mystics, but most of us are no more mystics than we are Olympic runners.  Prayer has to lead to action from the fruits of the prayer.  Pray daily, but with some moderation.  We might try that with a lot of behavior.

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