Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Not ON The Radar

A lot of young people don't even think about God.  It is not that they have lost interest or rejected God.  They never had an interest.  Clergy are not getting the memo on this one either.  We are like physicists talking about neutrinos.  The physicist is all excited about neutrinos and wants to explain it all.  But a lot of people, like me, are not interested in neutrinos.  We neither think about them or find them at all important in our daily living.  We don't care.  God and neutrinos are taking a big hit nowadays.  I find that I cannot begin talking about God with the idea of God's existence, as if that is a given.  I have to start out with someone's experience.  Too many clergy dismiss a person's experience, as less than important.  If you want me to be interested in neutrinos you had better start out with my experience of daily life, and then connect me with the importance of neutrinos.  See if the light goes on.


  1. my concept of God is changing again as I study space or as info comes from the universe. Trying to understand God is love.

  2. Pope Francis is working on getting clergy and vowed religious to be ***Pastoral*** and emphatic in action. Give homilies like Jesus did -- a story with embedded Moral = Morale uplift. Ray L.