Saturday, October 22, 2016

Anti or Counter

It is one thing to be anti-culture and another to be counter-culture.  Someone who is anti does not want to have anything to do with the surrounding culture.  They generally would not read the local news or participate in local events.  They participate in their own world that does not depend in any way on the wider cultural world of sports, concerts, festivities and seasonal gatherings.  Consequently, they have very little influence on the larger cultural.  Counter-cultural people are ones who do participate but with their own set of values that might go counter to the prevailing mores of the larger world.  The more immature person thinks this means that they dress differently, or look a certain way, or act a certain way.  They have no influence on the larger world.  The young person who sits at the mall dressed in black, tattooed, unemployed, along with like people would be one example.  So what might be counter cultural that would make others pause and think?  At times, carry no cell phone.  Take the bus or train.  Read opinions that disagree with your own.  Eat meals as a family.  Avoid plastic.  Watch a sunrise or sunset.  Work in a community garden.  Give to the "undeserving" poor.  If you run a consumer business sell at lower prices than supply and demand would fetch.  Monasteries do this.  Periodically, have a day of fasting.  Become willing to suffer from aging or illness as an opportunity to witness to life on life's terms.  Don't drink or drug when everyone else is getting wasted.  If in a college dorm, go to bed earlier than others and get up earlier to have some quiet time, maybe going out to look at the stars before dawn.  Drink only as much caffeine so that were you to stop you would not get massive headaches.  Study without headphone music.  Practice a little silence and solitude each day.  Offer rides to people in your high end luxury car.  It will make their day.  Read poetry.

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