Friday, October 14, 2016

Nobel Dylan

OK, folks from the 60s.  Get out your old Bob Dylan albums.  Nobel just discovered the singer, song writer, Bob Dylan.  A nice Jewish boy, Dylan did not like the mores of the modern western world, that seemed to lack compassion and was full of cold war fear.  So he used his gifts to focus and awaken us to a deeper life.  What were his gifts?  Certainly not a beautiful voice in a classic sense.  His gift was song writing and his voice was just right for his message.  This is why he is getting the Nobel prize for literature.  Dylan could write lyrics that would make one think, if one cared to stop and think.  I admire Dylan because he did not seem to focus his musical career on making money by becoming famous and appealing to anti-establishment sounds and looks.  A lot of groups gave the "look" of anti-establishment in hair and clothes, but were really out for the dollars.  Dylan lasted because, well, he just stayed Bob Dylan, funny hats and all.  Youth today probably do not even know of our Bob.  So, old folks, you have  job to do, and the news of the Nobel gives you an opportunity to get out the message of this lyrical genius.

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