Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Binge Drinking

This is for early stage alcoholics.  There should be another blog today for those not interested.  Back to early stage drinking.  It is not how often you drink, but what happens when you drink, that is key to catching alcoholism in its early stages.  I have heard some people say that when they started drinking they did not drink every day.  The drank on special occasions or some party atmosphere.  So they thought themselves not addicted.  Frequency is not the issue early on for many potential alcoholics.  The key is how much did you drink when you did drink?  What happened?  The alcoholic may be a binge drinker at this stage.  Once they start to drink, they don't stop until they pass out, or run out of ways to get "more."  Over time, without a recovery program,  binge drinking becomes more frequent.  Then you move to daily drinking at certain "controlled" times, with or without binges.  Then the morning drinking.  Then you die.

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