Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Columbus Day

One of the great things about growing up in New York City and going to Catholic schools, is that we got off from school on Columbus Day.  It was always on that exact day, no "Columbus Day Weekends" where you move the date to accommodate travel or sales.  There was a parade in Manhattan to celebrate the day.  We all loved Columbus for getting us this day off from school.  A normal kid would trade "fun" at school for a day off anytime.  There was plenty of stuff to do on our day offs.  Lots of play things.  I am afraid that life outside of school might be more boring for kids today.  What does one do in a neighborhood where kids do not live near one another, and everyone is worried about being abducted?  Columbus Day is no longer a day off from school or work.  Days off have become a burden for parents and missed by kids.  So school is supposed to be the place to have fun.  The nuns never got that memo, and would laugh if you sent it to them.

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