Sunday, March 26, 2017


This evening I was sitting by an open window when into the room flew a witch on her broom.  Now a witch is someone between a human person and a devil.  A witch is not bad enough to be a devil, but not good enough to be a human person.  This would be like my sister, Maureen.  Indeed the witch announced herself as "Witch Maureen."  Witches have power only over bad boys and girls.  I am good, so she cannot hurt me.  Not directly.  "Is not your birthday in two days?" She asked.  "Well yes it is," I replied.  "I suppose you expect the children at the Catholic School across the street from where you live to make up birthday wishes with paper and crayon?" She asked.  "Yes," I said, "And fill my mailbox at the office with love."  "And you expect cards and treats from others?" She continued. "One can only hope, as I believe I am loved," I answered.  "Forget it," wicked Maureen witch said.  "With my magic broom, I will place all the children at the school under the spell of forgetfulness and harden their hearts.  I will drain all the love from the hearts of your friends, and they will think nothing of you.  Your mailbox will be filled with cobwebs.  Empty and barren like the spell I will put upon the hearts of those who once loved you."  This made me very sad and lonely.  As the witch flew out the window to spread her broom magic all over the school and neighborhood, I looked up to heaven and asked God, "Why?"  Only silence.  Will witch magic overcome Grace? I guess I will know by my mailbox on my birthday.

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