Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Bible says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  Buddhists say that Buddhism is the Truth.  Well, there is only one truth.  If it is true, then it is true in all cases.  There is not your truth and my separate truth.  Now, there might be more than one way to get there.  For me, there is only the Way of Jesus.  I don't dismiss Buddhism, but I don't pretend to follow its path.  Who can follow two paths?  I can read about, study, talk about Buddhism, but I am not a Buddhist practicioner.  I practice Christian meditation as a Jesus follower.  It is my way.  It makes sense to me.  Sacraments make sense to me.  But meditation is what opens me to talking with and understanding Buddhists who meditate and have there lives changed for the better by it.  Buddhist Roshis are not interested in talking to Christians who have no meditation practice.  They respect Jesus enough to know that mediation is key for true Jesus followers.  Deep meditation is what helps us to appreciate and get some glimpse of Truth from another perspective. Otherwise, there is only intolerance.  It is wherein we can see paths coming closer together.  It is not relativism.  My path is the only one for me.  It is not that I decided to be a Christian but could have been a Buddhist.  Jesus chose me.  I said yes.  I am fulfilled.  Jesus did not go to Japan, or China or India.  Maybe he made Christianity missionary so that we would not stay at home talking only to people who agree with us, look like us, and make us feel secure and safe, with no need to meditate.  Like a Gated Christianity.

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  1. Since this is Lent and Holy Week will arrive within a month, let's ponder what Pilate asked of the historical Jesus:
    What is 'truth'? Or, frame Truth in anther way: Blind men touching the elephant's features in different ways?