Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Garden

A monk pointed out to me that the soul is like a garden.  It must be watered, and attended to with some silence.  In silence and solitude the garden will produce flowers and flourish.  But while waiting for the flowers to grow, the weeds grow more immediately and quickly.  Weeds are thoughts.  They must be pulled out time and again while we wait for the slower growing flowers to bud forth to beautify our garden soul.  Some mornings I wake up with many weeds and some mornings hardly any.  Stuff happens while we sleep.  My meditation methods are the weeding times.  If no weeds, or thoughts to interrupt me, I do not need to methods to weed my soul.  I just sit in silence and solitude for my meditation time.  Hopefully, my blogs help in some way to encourage you in your soul-work.
     Now I have a particular trouble with thoughts because I have an evil sister who is a witch.  Witches never sleep.  Their brooms are ever ready to travel into the interior world.  While I sleep, Witch Maureen sows many weeds of thoughts into my garden soul.  I often awake crazed with thoughts, anxieties, and fears.  Why does Maureen do this? Well, besides being a witch, she is afraid that if I have an uninterrupted path to deep prayer, I will grow holy and go to heaven.  She is jealous.  She cannot go to heaven because she is a witch.  One of my thoughts is that God loves even witches and hopes for their conversion.  Now if Maureen stops messing with my soul, and becomes a good witch, she too will go to heaven.  I don't want to go where she goes, so I am really glad when I wake up crazed because then I know she is still a bad witch and has no chance.  I suffer thoughts that the witch might burn.  Oh, I guess that is a bad thought!

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