Friday, March 31, 2017


I am reminded that in baseball you get three strikes before you are declared out.  That is, you can make two mistakes and still be at bat.  Three mistakes, and you don't get to first base.  Think about that.  Baseball is more forgiving than most people.  How many of us let someone make two mistakes as they apply to our relationship, before we say, "You are out of my life.  You don't get to first base with me."  Some of us are so intolerant that one mistake is all it takes to dump someone, or write them off.  Someone said forgiveness is to be done, "Seventy times seven."  Only God could do that.  But at least it is a goal.  One and done should only be for March Madness in basketball or the final sixteen teems in Soccer World Cup.  Ok in sports, but not so good in human relations, and personal growth.

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