Monday, March 13, 2017

Will Power

Not everything can be done with will power and self-discipline.  This is very hard for people like me to accept because I can do so much with self-discipline and will power.  I do this blog everyday.  I exercise and eat properly.  I can walk away from sweets and glutin.  I can look at chocolate but not eat it.  I meditate and attend to friends, spiritual path and otherwise.  But I cannot do sobriety with my will power and self-discipline.  Know thyself!  Everyday I have to accept this, be grateful, and take action so that I don't get onto the lonely road of "being dry."  If you have something that you cannot do alone with your own will power, you are not a bad person.  You are human.  Accept limits and then connect with others to help you.  If I am honest, like in my blogs, and with friends and helpmates, I enjoy good and sober days.  And on not so good days, I still enjoy the sober part.  This means that no days are all bad!

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