Friday, March 10, 2017

Trust To Newark

I seem to lack a trust in God.  But there is a light here.  First, the no trust: I was to fly from Denver to Newark and then find a bus or train that would take me to Manhattan, or "The City" as we New Yorkers call it. Flying to Newark and finding the way to New York on public transportation was a first for me.  Do I take the train or the bus?  Train to Penn Station or bus to Port Authority? Never give fear a choice between two unknowns. I feared I would be marooned at the airport, mugged, and left for dead!  Anyway, on the plane I decided to take the bus.  No one had complete info as how to do this, including the website.  Confused, I exited the plane and looked for AirTrain which goes betweeen the three terminals.  I landed at "A" terminal and was told to go to "C" to get the bus.  As I was about to escalate to the Airtrain, I saw a ticket machine that confused me.  I passed an airport concierge in her red coat.  The red coat people are the ones to ask for help.  I took off my hat and told the woman I was lost and this was my first time trying to navigate the bus.  She said, "You don't have to go to the C terminal. The bus stops at all the terminals."  Then she led me to a clerk who sold bus tickets inside the terminal. The cost was $17 round trip for a senior.  I found the bus.  As most people were paying on the bus, I found out that for them it was twice what I paid for my ticket bought inside the terminal.  The bus took me to the Port Authority and I was fine.  The light?  Humility and gratitude.  God reminded me that my lack of trust does not handcuff God.  I may be a fool, but I am one who takes action by asking for help along the way.

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  1. Glad bus got you to the city. NJ Transit was method of transport my last year active. Missed my stop number of times woke up across GWB! Took suggestions got license back and everything else.Some contempt prior to investigation as I read your headline,bringing back memories as trusting Newark to me, maybe, still an oxymoron.