Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Maureen The Vamp

One of the ways you knew someone was a saint is if you dug up their grave and the body was "incorrupt."  They were called the "incorruptibles."  But not all incorrupt dead bodies were saints.  Think Vampires.  Vampires were people who in life were rather evil, like my big sister, Maureen.  Vampire bodies remained incorrupt after death and of course at night they got up and continued to do evil.  We like to think that when evil acting people die, good riddance.  They stop with the evil.  Not so with vampires.  Now, if fans of Maureen were to dig up her body, I suspect they would find it incorruptible.  Then they would say to me, "See, she is a saint because she put up with you Terry when you were her bratty, selfish little brother."  I of course know her fans to be all wrong.  She is incorrupt because she was evil and now she is a vampire.  This is why I take garlic to bed.  Maureen hated garlic, as do all vampires, I guess.  Anyway, I hope she goes and bites all those who think she is a saint.  Just sayin'.  My Chicago friend, Sheila, needs maureen stories in my blogs from time to time.  It's her fault.

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  1. I also love your Maureen stories. Lots of us fans out there!