Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gift of Listening

At times, before and after mass, people come up to me who want to talk.  "Do you have a minute, Father?" In fact they often want more than a minute.  Plus, if I know them from previous encounters, I might think to myself, "Oh, this is a crazy person."  Maybe they are mentally ill, but I have judged them.  This is a moment of "Holiness" for me.  Don't let my judgment direct my action.  Stand there and listen.  This might be a rare moment when the mentally challenged person finds someone to listen to them.  Really listen.  Drop the impatience energy.  Does not everyone need someone to listen to them?  Maybe they have something to share that will benefit me.  But even if I have no answer or solution, should they want one, I have given them my time and a listening ear.  Now, all you people who come up to me or email me or call on the phone, asking for listening time, you might be asking if you are considered one of the crazy ones in my life.  I won't tell.

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