Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Catholic Church has a saint for everything.  The saint for those who have a continual struggle against alcoholism is St. Matthias.  His feast day is the anniversary of my ordination, May 14.  He was chosen by the original followers of Jesus to replace Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus.  Matthias was one of two choices.  Both he and the other fellow were quite upstanding.  What to do?  The community decided to give up control over the choice and then to take action.  So they caste dice.  It is called "casting lots" but basically it is the same as when you play the craps table at a casino.  Who knows what numbers will come up?  But you throw the dice anyway.  This is what they did and Matthias' number came up.  He was chosen.  What better person to be the saint for alcoholics.  They are supposed to give up control over their drinking, but take action.  This is trust in the higher power. Their own personal power was nil.  They could not stop drinking on their own.  The action they take is to get involved in the twelve steps, meetings, and being of service.  Just because you have no power, does not mean you do nothing.  Thank you St. Matthias, among others.

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