Monday, March 27, 2017

The One Step

I think it is a lot harder to be a Christian than to be sober, as someone reminded me.  In recovery programs you get twelve steps.  They are sequential and you can move along little by little.  The steps are a schema, a program leading to sobriety.  It is hard or else more people would be sober today than are.  But in Christianity there is only one step.  "Follow me," is what Jesus said.  This is why there are so few Christians.  Yes, there are a lot of baptized people, white-knuckling it, or just plain non-followers.  Jesus did not give much preparation.  Just put down your life as you live it and follow him.  Change.  The Christian Big Book is the Bible, more specifically, the New Testament.  Some read it, but few really follow it.  I find it easier to be sober each day than to live as a follower of Jesus.  I want to be happy, jouyous and free.  Take up my cross?  Help!

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