Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tree Weeps

In Florida, after a rain, the trees continue to drop raindrops onto the ground beneath.  I have found this out when I jog in a tree filled area.  Usually one tries to get under a tree to get out of the rain, but in Florida, when the rain slows down you want to get away from the trees.  I think of the trees as crying tears of gratitude and joy at the water come down to feed the tree roots and the ground.  After the rain stops, the trees continue to give thanks with their tears of joy.  Then I think of me.  How unlike a tree I am.  If I say thank you at all, and I often do, it is an immediate thank you for something, and then I move on to whatever is next.  Not the tree.  It continues to show gratitude long after the rain has stopped.  Maybe the tress have souls?  If so, why chop so many of them down?

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