Saturday, April 1, 2017

God's Will

I am leaving the world and moving to the monastery for good and never speaking again.  APRIL FOOLS!
Some people pray only for "God's will be done."  Where is the action on the part of the one praying?  Do you expect God to do all the heavy lifting?  Our faults and failings do not allow us to be useless or helpless.  I prefer the prayer, "Knowledge of your will and the power to carry it out."  This means that I have to do something positive and selfless!  OMG.  How else do we expect to change unless we learn to practice action that is different from the way we acted in our full-blown faults?  We have to practice good behavior and do it according to God's will.  This way we get The God Help we need, the Power, to live a life of service to others as God would have us live it.  When I simply say, "Your will be done," it seems that I then go off with my will, damaged as it is if left unaided, and do as I please with my agenda.  This rarely ends up with good results for the world around me.  My unaided will is a bit broken.

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