Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spiritual Suicide

What is spiritual suicide?  For me, it is to make plans that concern ourselves or someone else, without getting a second opinion, without some consolation.  Often, we believe that our ideas, our goals, our plans are the best and no one else could see it otherwise.  Then we an destroy others and/or ourselves.  I call this "The Judas Way."  Judas had an idea, a plan.  He kept it to himself, so he thought.  The results he expected in betraying, or handing Jesus over to the authorities, did not happen.  It devastated Judas in his heart and then his next plan, without consultation, was to hang himself.  If only he had talked to someone about his plans and solutions.  And I don't mean talking to someone, but actually listening to them.  Getting counsel is not the same as informing someone of what you have made up your mind to do.  People "invest" money only to find out later that many others knew that to be a bad investment. People decide to run a marathon,  climb a mountain alone, move away, marry a particular person, become a priest.  A lot of these end up in disasters such that suicide seems like an option, especially since you don't consult with anyone anyway.  A mind left alone to make a decision can be a dangerous situation.

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  1. I wonder though if we are in danger of (mis)interpreting God's silence as a 'No' when we are making some decision.

    I also chronically wonder who can we really trust to give adequate spiritual counsel besides God? Like should I trust the advice of my therapist who doesn't share my faith/12-step experience?