Monday, April 17, 2017


I hear pious people say that God only sends or gives good things.  I assume by "good" they mean things they like or fit into their program for happiness.  Cannot God send adversity?  I meet many a person who suffered lots of adversity, and thought God did not exist or did not care.  Those same people hit such a bottom of mess in their life that they decided even they could not put up with that level of misery.  They sought a spiritual solution or path.  In their spiritual path they came to realize that God was there all along, patient and waiting until misery and adversity sought a healthy solution.  For me, my God allows adversity for a reason in my life.  God loves me, but knows me well. Sometimes I will only open to change for the better, when adversity builds to an intolerable level.  Crazy?  So I am crazy, but then I have met some very good friends who are crazy like me.

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