Wednesday, April 26, 2017


People think that going to church will make them better people, or make them "good."  Attendance does not change us much.   We go in with faults, recognized or not, and we come out with the same faults.  Church is not magic.  It is the same with recovery meetings.  Attendance might keep you from drinking or drugging for an hour, the same as church might prevent you from jay-walking, or commiting mayhem for the time you are in church.  We won't change our behavior, or become better people until we realize that we are the enemy.  The problem is ME.  Once we recognize this we can begin to take spiritual steps, that is, God help, to discover my faults and weaknesses.  We come to recognize in our behavior that these have become bad habits, or vices.  We cannot get rid of them on self-will or self-power.  Self is weak and damaged.  This can bring humility.  We ask our God for help, which is prayer.  We apologize for damage caused to self and others.  Now good stuff is happening.  Attendance is good as a beginning habit.  We cannot hear what we need to hear unless we get out of ourselves, we bad self-advisors, and listen to another voice.  Could this blog be another voice?  Hopefully for someone.  It did help me though!


  1. The message is spreading like ripples on a pond! Thank you!

  2. Your blog is incredibly helpful, always a pleasure to read.