Thursday, April 6, 2017


I read in the Bible that idol worship is about people building statues and images of something and calling it a god.  They worship a golden calf for instance.  How silly, right?  Maybe not.  Do we so called believers not do the same at times?  We create or mentally build our own gods and then worship them.  Do we not create an image of a god who comforts or is passive to our mediocrity?  The people of the Bible build a false god with their hands.  I tend to build one with my mind.  I prefer a god who is not too demanding, who keeps the bar rather low, and shrugs no matter my mediocre response to the power and the glory of the everyday.  No wonder I can be bored or listless or feel closed off, or that I might be missing something.  Now and again I read someone who is tuned into the dial of a more demanding God, the real one, and I am brought into the wow moment.  That stuff about take up your cross, love your enemy, care for the poor, just might be the way out of idol worship and the mediocre life.

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