Friday, April 28, 2017

Beginnings And Endings

A drug is something that changes us.  It is the purpose of the drug, be it pill, liquid, solid food, and sometimes exercise.  We go from pain, discomfort, unhappiness, out of sorts, to a new happiness and new freedom from whatever pained us.  The drug does for us what we could not do for ourselves,  just by our existence.  It has a power greater than singular me.  This is "beginnings" reactions.  Over time, we grow dependent.  Even the gym becomes a must or else we cannot go on with any contentment.  In the end we become bonded to the drug.  We cannot do without it, and it begins to bring on new pains, different from the initial miseries we wanted to escape.  Left to ur own devices, we generally cannot escape from the escape.  We are hooked.  Injuries may get us out of the gym.  It can be a physical bottom.  Car wrecks, divorce, liver issues, unemployment, homelessness are some of the things that accompany the endings of our drug.  That pill that made me "well" is killing or destroying my life.  When I am hurting, before I go for that elixir of relief, I try to connect with someone else, do some good for someone, or go for a jog.  Oh, I forgot.  That last one could be a drug.  But so far for me, it still works.  I am so skinny!  Light jog.  Easy does it.

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  1. Skinny. Have you jogged off your reserve ?