Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Value Of Work

From earliest times in monasteries, work was valued as worthwhile and virtuous.  It was part of the Christian ethos way before so called Capitalism.  Monks and nuns worked as part of their spiritual life in the monasteries.  And when there was a lack of working, monasteries tended to reform.  Idleness was the enemy of the soul if you will.  Not all religious groups valued work.  Ancient Rome did not value work.  Have the slaves do it.  In a class society, the rich distained work.  A "Gentleman" did not work.  The Mandarins grew their fingernails very long to make it evident that they did no labor.  Buddhist monks meditated and begged.  Part of the spiritual transformation of a Christian is in the area of work.  Deep prayer can actually make us more industrious in a helpful and loving way.  These blogs are work, though some days I just want to be a "Gentleman." Clean your room without whining.  It could be part of your transformation!

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