Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Message

Whatever message I might be trying to preach will best be done by my actions, by what people see rather than by what they hear me say.  Action is what carries the message.  In my world of religious professionals I find a lot of people who are quite talented with words, but are less so with how they live their lives.  Such people are a message to me to check on whatever bad behavior might be showing up in my life for all to see.  Now there are some people who will speak well and in some cases act well too.  But those cases of right action are usually to avoid some penalty or to get something, be it adulation or material benefit.  This too is a reminder to me to check on my motives.  The people I admire the most and are challenged to emulate are people who act well toward and with others when there is no reward, or anything to gain from the other person.  All the spiritually transformed persons seem to share this in common no matter what the words of their message.  Kindness is a virtue I very much admire.

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