Friday, April 7, 2017

Smarty Pants

My big sister Maureen used to tell me not to act like a "Smarty Pants."  This meant that I should not act like I know something when I don't, or when I show off all that I do know in order to impress others.  My sister was very wise, but then so was Satan.  See, you don't get into heaven for being smart.  Maureen was very smart.  Since I have never been smart, I can only speak of one side of the smart downfall.  Sometimes, I try to act like I know something when in fact I am just stumbling in the dark.  This is from fear of looking stupid, or false pride in showing off.  On my few good days, when I am humble, I am capable of saying that I simply do not know.  This can disappoint people who have come to me for answers.  But there are times when I act like a smarty pants, and give answers, brilliant sounding ones, though I am not sure if it is so, or I am rubbing up against clueless.  I should not be in the priest business, since people do approach priests for answers of light in the darkness.  Maybe I should get married, since I know many a husband who is clueless.  How?  Just ask the wife.

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