Thursday, April 27, 2017


Too often, institutional religion is into behavior rather than relationship.  The emphasis is on how well or badly you behave.  Ethics comes into play.  If you act correctly then you are in a good relationship.  This is the deity as a parent or boss.  You are "good" according to how you act.  Go to church, keep rules, and you are good.  Relationship on the other hand, that which most post modern searchers want, is not about behavior, but rather love and intimacy.  How do I experience the love of the deity when I am not so good, when I am shattered, broken and imperfect?  Does this Spiritual Power, Force, Personal God, love me just as I am?  It is only from there that we can begin to grow, change for the better, and become all that we are supposed to be.  The latter is a much harder and more demanding path than simply keeping rules.  Love is what changes us.  Behavior only keeps up in line.  Institutions like control.

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  1. This makes me wonder about the role of "self acceptance" in Christian life and transformation. For me, accepting God's love for me isn't the same as accepting myself, because then I would lose the desire to change. Aquinas defines love as "to will the good of another." That works for me!