Thursday, April 20, 2017


Anyone want an excellent library?  I have one.  But I don't use it anymore.  You see, my niece, Satan, in this case, gave me a birthday present.  I now have a subscription to Netflix.  I am watching "The Crown" episodes, as I notice my books languishing on the table nearby.  Plus, I discovered Google has as part of its app, a way to call up just a piece of information, and Google finds the movie.  Then I can go to my movie app and call it up from their library.  I asked Google, "Polish nun," and Google came back with the title, "Ida."  I had missed this movie in the theatre.  But it had gotten good reviews in the press.  And so it goes.  Will it stop in the monastery this summer?  Satan is everywhere.  The monastery has my room.  I have ear plugs.  Please pray for me.  My soul is in grave danger.  But "The Crown" is really good!  My advice, is to read some each day before you go to that iPad.  I just blew the dust off of my book.

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