Monday, April 3, 2017


Someone gave me this thought.  When people ask me how I am, I usually say, "fine."  Don't most of us?  But if I want to stay in touch with spiritual growth and emotional maturity, that is, work on these things on a daily basis, than my response might be, "better."  That is, I am better than I used to be when I would mess up big time.  If I am still practicing old behavior, it is not old, and I am not feeling, "better."  And if I am not better, then I am only getting worse.  So I try each day to keep in mind, "how am I doing?"  Ask myself that question early in the day.  If I cannot say, "better," than in the past bad behavior, I need to do something now.  I have the tools.  Start by getting out of myself.  Sometimes solitude is simply isolation with a nicer name.

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