Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Doing Time

We refer to people in prison as “doing time.”  They do the same old things everyday, the same routines, fearful of breaking a rule, lest they be punished even more.  Some people in organized religion are “doing time” insofar as they keep following rules to avoid punishment.  Addicted people, following their addictions are enslaved, imprisoned in their addictions.  So are people who are all focused on appearances. Recovery programs break free of addictions.  Mediation can help people of religion get free from routines, fears, and dualities, that separate themselves from one another.  Some things we have to do daily to survive, but many things we do daily simply build prison walls that take away the sunshine of the spirit that can set us free.  Sadly, many people prefer “doing time.”  They might fear the unknown.

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