Friday, May 10, 2019

Spinning Ballerina*

How does a spinning ballerina keep her balance and not get all dizzy and lopsided?  She focuses on one thing.  So every time she makes a full turn she looks for that one thing to keep her balanced.  What a great way for me to go through the day.  I often am spinning around and losing my way, metaphorically doing this or that, thinking crazy, so maybe the way for me to get a balance, stay on the path of spiritual growth is to have one thing I keep returning to as my focus.  Maybe a bit of a mantra that I return to as I am in whatever mode of activity or emotion.  Keep my day sober.  “Acceptance,” or “This too shall pass,” or “Live and let live,” or “Life on life’s terms.”  These phrases have helped me as I spin through me day.  They keep me from getting dizzy from life, and losing focus.  As Elton John sings, “Tiny Dancer,” I think of myself as a tiny dancer going through life, on this spinning planet.

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  1. Great images and I love this post! In my exercise class we are told to focus on one non-moving thing as we work on balance. Focus for balance in stillness as well as in motion.