Thursday, May 23, 2019

Growing Old

Someone said, “Growing old is not an affliction.  It is a natural condition.”  So don’t whine about growing old, whatever “old” is for you.  I first thought that I was growing old when I turned 30.  “Life is passing me by.  I have done nothing.”  Whiner.  Many people never make it to 30.  Their life is cut short from what is natural.  We are supposed to age.  Tragedy is when we do not get to do what we are supposed to do naturally.  You young people need to treat us old folks better because we are in our natural condition.  We are not a burden or living too long.  And for us who are really old, we need to ask what is the plan for today, since we have this day.  Really, each day is a gift of life, not an affliction to endure.  Let’s be of service and useful to others today.  Until we need our nap.

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