Saturday, May 4, 2019

Mixed Table Fellowship

If I always try to eat with people who are just like me, then I think I miss a chance to grow.  If I eat with people who are different than me, I get to practice tolerance and patience.  Plus, I might learn something from their different opinions or ideas about religion, politics, society, and the culture.  I think it is good to have my personal opinions challenged, otherwise how do they get tested?  I am supposed to be a Christian, so Jesus is supposed to be my mentor.  Well, he did not eat with people who were just like him.  And I don't see him telling these people to shape up and be like him.  If I ate with prostitutes and greedy bankers/finance people, I would be following the example of my mentor.  After recovery meetings, addicts sometimes have "fellowship" which is going out to eat together.  In the meeting they appear to be alike in their focus on recovery.  But in the fellowship afterwards, people tend to bring out their differences as the conversation shifts to multiple topics.  This is when tolerance, patience, listening skills, and openness to learn can be practiced.  With this attitude you can talk about anything...and become a better person for it.

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