Friday, May 24, 2019


I cannot attend tap dancing classes on a weekly basis.  So I am always falling behind.  New steps are taught while I am not there.  I am constantly behind.  When I go home to practice I am dreadful about remembering or making tap steps happen as practiced badly in class.  Thus I am dreadful when I practice each day.  My ego is crushed.  Pride takes a tumble.  But there is one reason that I continue.  I enjoy tapping.  Isn’t that what ought to be important in undertaking something that attracts you?  Being good or better than others, being praised, feeling like a big deal, all these things are fleeting and superficial.  I believe the question is, “Do I enjoy what I am doing?”  Yes it is work and effort, but I do still feel good about my pathetic attempts to dance.  I do it for myself, and not for others.  Tapping is not a service project.  It is my fun.  When I run, I should do it to enjoy myself, or maybe “give God pleasure.”  Maybe I give God pleasure when I tap?  What do I know.

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  1. I told my dance teacher that I may not have the the right steps or technique, but have have LOTS of dance SPIRIT. Tap away, Fr. Terry!