Saturday, June 8, 2019


So you believe that you are a heretic?  You have church teaching to condemn you as well?  But you hang on to what you think to be the truth, your truth.  Well not to worry.  Yes, people will tell you that you will burn for not holding to orthodoxy as it is taught.  But orthodoxy, the catechism, might not be able to grasp the seemingly oppositional thinking of some persons.  That does not make such persons heretics, except in a too narrow definition.  It is true that being faithful to one's beliefs, one's view, can result in short term unpleasantness from some hierarchical power structures.  But not all is lost.  I refer you to Joan of Arc.  She was billed a heretic.  She would not recant her views.  They burned her at the stake.  But later, much later, like centuries, they made her a saint.  You just have to get through that burning at the stake part.  No wonder so many of us cave in and just go along.

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