Sunday, June 9, 2019


In religious paths, whatever they might be, and how they vary, all seem to have some divine visitation that will tell believers what is to come, i.e. the future.  But after a religion has been around for a while, a good while, as most of them have, the followers don't seem much interested in the future.  Why?  The future is all about change.  People don't want change.  That is why they like traditions in their religion.  They want things to stay the way they are.  People want a comfort zone in their spiritual practice.  The like the past to stay past.  It is the parent of the present, and they really like what they have now, or otherwise they would leave.  But we tend to put a nice term to this intransigence.  We call it "Stability."  Big Religion loves stability.  It keeps power secure.  But I believe that the future of stability is extinction.

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