Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Invention Of Tap

Did you know that tap dancing came about in the 19th century Bowery in New York City?  You may have seen the Irish Jig.  It is a very specific step up and down.  So there is a tapping, but that is not tap dancing as we know it.  A 16 year old boy of color, William Henry Lane, was doing some shuffling around, creating some movement with his feet but not tapping.  He saw the jig.  The Irish were everywhere in the Bowery, as were many people of color back then.  Lane took the specific tap of the jig, and combined it with his creation of various movement with his feet.  Voila!  Tap dancing.  I like to tap and make up stuff myself.  I travel too much for lessons in one place.  So I just tap and enjoy myself.  It is good exercise too.  And I don't need a partner.  So no matter what your lifestyle is, follow your passion, or interest, and have fun.  I leave expertise for bigger egos than mine.

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