Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Peace And Peace

When armies stop fighting, slaughtering, destroying and all that goes into war, "peace" is declared.  A peace treaty might be signed.  But this is not so much peace, as it is the absence of conflict.  Devastation is rampant.  Often one side is simply destroyed and not capable of making war.  Surrender and then you have peace.  War does not bring about peace, or at least a peace that is permanent.  Peace for me comes from my heart, wishing good things for the other person or persons. This means I must let go of some things for the sake of another person.  It might be as simple as letting someone cut into line in front of me because they are frantically in a hurry and lack all peace.  It might be giving someone the right away on a street or highway even though they have the "yield" sign and I do not.  It is moving to the center of the pew when someone comes in late or at is searching for a church seat.  It is so everyday and it builds.  Countries can learn to do this too.  It is not appeasement but rather learning how to share on this small planet.  We may be running short of resources but we never seem to run short of lethal weapons.

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