Friday, June 7, 2019

Hollywood Marriage

For some of us, we can treat religion like a Hollywood marriage.  As the tabloids seem to indicate, if the marriage no longer suits you, dump it.  There is no "for better or worse."  So I don't want to treat a religious path that way.  There are times I scratch my head over my Catholic church and ask, "Why do I continue?"  The answer, at times, lies not so much in what I get, but in what I give.  There are times when I settle for not getting one thing, but then getting something else important.  But other times the answer is, "What do I give to make this work?"  No religion, much less a spiritual path will give me everything.  If it did, it would not be much of a spiritual solution.  It would be all about me getting what I want.  Like in a relationship, you never get all you want.  The "all I want" is unreal and selfish for me.  At times I grow to the extent that I give back.  How?  Be of service.  Don't sit around simply waiting to be taken care of.  Become the giver too.  Relationships are give and take.  If only one side gives and the other side only takes, you don't have a relationship, or a spiritual path or a religion.

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