Monday, July 11, 2011

Cannot Do It Alone

The fields will grow grass, or hay, or alfalfa, but they cannot do it alone. The field needs water and sunlight. The field alone, can produce neither. The gifts and fruits that I received when I was baptized can grow, but not just by my wanting it to happen. I need outside help, or inside help, depending on where you imagine God resides.
"Come to me all you who thirst," says Jesus. "I am the light of the world," says Jesus. The Risen Christ is my rain and my sun. Without him, I am just a lot of potential. Without him, I will just dry up and become like a dry, parched, weary land.
How do I obtain this water and light? In silence and stillness, I wait, just like a field that waits to be watered and warmed. I never know when I will be watered and warmed in my interior life. I have faith and hope that it will happen, in God's own good time. Do you think you can be watered and warmed by sweet talking, or pleading with God? No more than you can control the weather, can you control God.

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